No Mucho Dinero (CFC-DVD-0016)

(Running time: 38 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 760 MB

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No Mucho Dinero features a couple of Mexican girls with a bad attitude. Miss Hernandez is demanding that The Queen pay her back money she borrowed. The Queen is broke and cannot pay her. Miss Hernandez does not believe her. Both girls start to fight and argue in Spanish. There are a variety of choke holds applied including hands, legs, arms and rope.You will see Miss Hernandez tie a rope around the neck of The Queen. She threatens to make the rope tighter unless The Queen can pay her back. The Queen cannot breathe and she agrees to pay her back.

She leaves to get the money…But, she returns with different intentions. The Queen does not like the way Miss Hernandez choked her with the rope. So, she decided to revenge Miss Hernandez by choking her throat!!!

This fight turns into a Mexican stand-off!!!

Both girls got bills to pay…Only one girl can win!!!

All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!