Deadline (CFC-DVD-0019)

(Running time: 41 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 817 MB

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“Deadline” features Jenny & Miss Jade fighting for money. The film opens with Jenny choking Miss Jade from behind. Miss Jade promises to pay… but, that does not stop Jenny from choking her. Jenny tells Miss Jade that there is a deadline for her to pay… And, that she will not be satisfied until she gets her money!!! Jenny releases Miss Jade to allow her to retrieve the money… but, it appears that Miss Jade has different intentions. Miss Jade uses this opportunity to reverse the hold on Jenny and she starts to choke her from behind.

Miss Jade is relentless in her attack on the throat of Jenny. She is an expert at choking and she applies a variety of effective chokeholds using her hands, arms and legs scissors. Miss Jade is not satisfied with empty promises of giving her money…

She wants to hear her scream!!!

Who will win the fight and the money??? Buy the video and find out!!!

All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!