Whisper To A Scream (CFC-DVD-0020)

(Running time: 58 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1158 MB

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“Whisper to a Scream” features Maria Lopez demanding money from Mister Mike. Maria cannot speak due to a sore throat. Mike tries to take advantage of the situation thinking he does not have to pay her because she cannot speak. That is a mistake and she will make him pay. Her whispers turn into his screams for help!!! You will see the lovely Filipina girl apply a variety of effective chokeholds including hands, arms, legs and belt. You can see the evil smile on her pretty face as she twists the belt tighter and tighter around his neck until his face is bright RED!!!

Her specialty is the “pussy choke” in which she presses her pussy deep and hard directly into the throat of Mister Mike. The poor guy cannot breathe or talk while she is crushing his throat with her sexy pussy!!! If you can imagine‚Ķ this goes on for more than 10 minutes!!!

In the end, she squeezes her strong legs around his neck like a snake until he gasps for breath. Miss Lopez shows no remorse and she will choke him to death unless he agrees to pay her the money.

Will he live or die? Buy the video to find out!!!

All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!