The Cheater (CFC-DVD-0023)

(Running time: 61 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1201 MB

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“The Cheater” is a true story about Elvira expressing her anger and frustration with her boyfriend (Mister Mike) because she caught him fooling around and cheating with Blondie (from “Tap Out Challenge” and “Lethal Legs”). Mike tries to explain the situation to Elvira…but, she does not want to hear it. Instead, she wants to kill him!!! 

Elvira is jealous of Blondie and angry at Mike. She attacks his throat in a variety of different style choke-holds including hands, legs, arms, knees and belt. At one point, you can see Elvira press all her weight down onto his throat with her knee… Grinding it hard and deep!!! Elvira is trying to not just teach him a lesson… She is trying to kill him!!!

Mister Mike is helpless in Elvira’s relentless attack upon his throat. You can see the anger on her face and the pain on his face as she savagely twists his neck and presses his face into the ground. The pain and the anger is real.

Elvira ties a white belt around his neck and uses it like a noose to hang him!!! Not satisfied…she continues to strangle him until he is unconscious and not moving. Nothing will stop her from choking him. She still will not stop until he has stopped breathing!!!

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All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!