Sexy Sleepers (CFC-DVD-0024)

(Running time: 36 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 713 MB

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“Sexy Sleepers” is the follow-up to “Lethal Legs” featuring Blondie & Miss Jade. Both girls walked away with sore legs from using them to squeeze the life out of each other in “Lethal Legs”. Now… we see them engaged in a test of strength to see which girl can put the other girl to sleep with her arms!!!

Miss Jade seems to have the advantage in the beginning when we see her long arms slip around the throat of the pretty blonde like a snake!!! But, the Blonde Biker babe is tough…And, she will get her turn to torture the throat of Miss Jade!!! You can see the brightly colored tattoos on the strong arms of Blondie… as she attempts to strangle the pretty brunette from behind!!!

Both girls are determined to win. Neither girl is willing to tap out. You can see the pain on the face of each girl from having her throat squeezed. It will take a choke out to determine a winner!!!

Which girl will prove to have the stronger arms??? Which girl will put the other girl into a DEEP sleep???

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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!