Under Arrest (CFC-DVD-0025)

(Running time: 41 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 822 MB

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“Under Arrest” features Mister Mike impersonating an FBI agent in an attempt to extort money from a lovely, innocent female victim named, Asia. He forcibly enters her home and threatens to arrest the bikini clad brunette unless she agrees to give him money, jewels and more!!! Unfortunately for our “fake” FBI agent, he underestimates the innocence of his female prey. This oriental beauty is no ordinary girl. She is a Black Belt in Karate and she is determined to make him pay for more Karate lessons!!!

In this 3 act film, you will see Asia attack her male opponent with a variety of different choke-holds including: hands, legs, arms, feet, knee and belt!!! You can see the anger on her face when she ties her black belt around the neck of the “fake” FBI agent like a hang-man’s noose in an attempt to strangle him to death!!!

All choking in this film is Real…Nothing is Fake!!!

Will our “fake” FBI agent bring this dangerous female criminal to justice…Or, will he fail to walk out of her home alive!!!

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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!