Gasping For Dollars (CFC-DVD-0026)

(Running time: 53 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1041 MB

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In "Gasping For Dollars", Mister Mike enters the apartment of Miss Jade and tries to attack her in her sleep!!! However, Mike seems to forget that Jade does know how to defend herself.

Miss Jade is not happy about being disturbed while sleeping and she threatens to snap his neck in her strong arms!!! Then, she places her pretty legs around his neck like a snake…Mister Mike complains that he cannot breath and Jade just laughs and squeezes tighter!!!

Miss Jade continues her relentless attack on the throat of Mister Mike when she tries to crush his throat with her pussy choke!!! Then, while he is gasping for air, Jade proceeds to press her foot directly into his throat until he is not breathing!!!

In scene 2, Jade ties a black rope around his neck and attempts to hang him and slowly strangle him with it. At the same time, Jade also grinds her knee directly into his throat!!!

Mister Mike will briefly escape…But, Miss Jade will catch him with a throat punch…And, a vicious karate chop to the throat!!! This will leave him breathless on the ground where she will apply another pussy choke to his exposed throat!!!

Finally…Miss Jade will stand above him with her foot on his throat showing that she is the winner and he is the loser!!!

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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA!!!

All choking in this film is 100% real & authentic…Nothing is fake!!!