Choking On Flowers (CFC-DVD-0028)

(Running time: 58 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1149 MB

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"CHOKING ON FLOWERS" opens with Mister Mike entering the House of Jade to give her some Red Roses. Miss Jade is expecting for him to give her something else because he owes her money. Jade is not happy with the flowers and proceeds to make him eat them!!!

In scene 1, we see Jade attempt to suffocate Mike by covering his mouth with a hat asking, "Are you dead yet?" Miss Jade shows no mercy or remorse in her attack on the poor, helpless man. She will not stop suffocating him until he stops breathing!!!

Despite the fact that Mike is struggling…Jade is not satisfied. She places her knee down directly onto his throat and proceeds to dig her knee deeper & deeper into his exposed throat!!! You can see a cruel smile on the pretty face of Miss Jade while crushing the throat of her helpless victim!!!

The pretty flowers made the pretty girl angry. She finds them on the bed and attempts to shove them down his throat!!! You can see him gasp and gag on the roses in his mouth!!!

Then, the attractive Hispanic girl applies an effective "Pussy" choke. You can see her sitting on his throat while he is gasping for air. There is nothing he can do.

Finally, we see Miss Jade grab the plastic bag that had been holding the flowers and she attempts to suffocate him with it. The poor guy is fighting for air…but, she does not care!!!

In scene 2, we see Mister Mike and Miss Jade counting the pedals of the flower while sitting on the bed. Mike is looking for revenge and he attacks Jade without warning. He tries to pull her hair and choke her throat. This will only make Jade more angry.

She quickly fights him off and reverses his attack with a vicious "Throat Punch". Then, she places the plastic over his mouth again in an evil attempt to suffocate him!!!

Then, she ties a black belt around his neck and attempts to use it as a noose to hang him!!! Miss Jade is very aggressive and she knows how to hurt other people.

Mister Mike attempt to retaliate by covering her mouth with his hand. At that point, the fight turns into a choking contest in which both are choking each other at the same time!!!

It seems Miss Jade is determined to choke him out with her bare hands…And, she applies a variety of different hand choke holds until he is choked out!!!

In scene 3, we see Miss Jade attack the throat of Mister Mike with her hands, arms, legs and belt. Her legs scissors is very strong and squeezes the life out of the poor guy. In frustration, she does BREAK the bed and he pushes her OFF the bed.

But, she does return to the bed in order to continue her attack on his throat. And, she is not satisfied until she can literally choke the life out of him!!!

This is a very vicious fight. All the choking is real. Nothing is fake.

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