Backyard Brawl (CFC-DVD-0029)

(Running time: 42 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 828 MB

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"BACKYARD BRAWL", features Miss Jade challenged by Mister Mike to a fight. Jade is more than ready and she attacks him before he is prepared to fight. She immediately catches him in a side head-lock and takes him down to the ground. On the ground, Miss Jade turns the side head-lock into a vicious sleeper-hold. Mike attempts to pull her hair from behind in an effort to escape. His attempt to pull her hair will only make her more angry as she applies even more pressure to his throat!!! You can see the pain on the face of the breathless male opponent.

Next, Miss Jade proceeds to step on his throat. She presses her knee on his throat. Then, she stands on his throat. In fact, we see Miss Jade place all her weight (115 pounds) directly onto his exposed throat. Once again…the male opponent is completely breathless.

Not content with crushing his throat with her foot…Miss Jade gets down and dirty in attempting to shove grass down his throat!!! You can see the sinister smile on her pretty face as we see and hear him choking on dirt and grass. All action is 100% real…Nothing is Fake!!!

Next, we see Miss Jade attempt to apply her signature move called the "Pussy Choke". This is very effective method of controlling and defeating her opponent. She will crush the throat of her opponent leaving him gasping for air. She truly enjoys applying the pussy choke. In the end, there is nothing he can do except suffer and struggle from the weight of this sexy girl.

The fight continues for 3 rounds until Miss Jade chokes the life out of him. You can see his face turn bright red beneath the boiling, hot sun!!! However, our pretty fighter is not done. In a bonus round, we see her place his throat in between her strong legs and apply a deadly legs scissors!!! Her entire body tenses as she squeezes his neck with her legs. You can see that she really is determined to teach him a lesson… Don’t mess with Miss Jade!!!

See all the exciting action in the hot, summer action film, "BACKYARD BRAWL". Buy the instant download today!!!