Money 4 Nothing (CFC-DVD-0030)

(Running time: 57 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1122 MB

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"Money 4 Nothing" features Naughty Nicole demanding money from Mister Mike in her film debut with Catfight Connection. You can see that Nicole is serious about the money and will do anything to get it.

We see her grab him around the throat with her arm in anger & frustration. There is a struggle as he is determined not to pay her and he escapes from her sleeper.

Next, she wraps her sexy legs around his neck. When he refuses to give her the money, she proceeds to place a pillow over his mouth (HOM) and try to suffocate him!!! There is a sinister smile on the face of Nicole as she presses the pillow directly over his mouth.

Next, the African-American Queen pulls the hood of his sweatshirt around his throat like a rope and drags him around the room. You can hear the poor man gag & gasp for air. That does not stop Nicole…she simply pulls the hood even harder!!!

While he is on the ground breathless, Nicole applies a vicious pussy choke. She keeps him in this position for several minutes.

In the end, she wraps her strong hands around his neck and squeezes his throat until the color of his face changes to a bright RED!!! The angry girl continues to strangle him until he passes out in front of the camera.

All choking in this film is Real… Nothing is Fake!!!
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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA