Money For Asia (CFC-DVD-0031)

(Running time: 35 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 691 MB

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"Money For Asia" shows the exotic Asia in need of money for food. She is broke because her boyfriend borrowed $500 to gamble at the track. Now he has nothing. But that does not stop Asia from demanding the return of the money. Asia attacks the lazy American with a variety of different choke-holds that she learned from fighting on the streets of Bangkok…You can see the poor guy suffer from her choking!!!

We see her choke him with hands, legs, arms, belt & her own bra!!! All of her choking leaves him gagging & gasping for breath. Not content with just choking the life out of him…Asia uses a plastic bag to smother & suffocate him from preventing him from breathing. She even verbally abuses him throughout the film!!!

If you want to see an angry Asian woman express anger & frustration with an American man… this is the video for you!!!

Can he survive her attack in order to pay back the money he borrowed??? To find out…Buy the Download today!!!