Anger Management 2 (CFC-DVD-0032)

(Running time: 33 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 651 MB

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In "ANGER MANAGEMENT 2", Mister Mike tries once again to help control Miss Jade’s anger. The last time he was hired by her to do the job and it didn’t work. Mike proposes to use a noose as an Anger Management tool. Jade does not approve and refuses to cooperate and his plan backfires in his face. When he attempts to implement the lesson plan…She responds in even worse ANGER!!!

You will see Miss Jade attack this poor guy with a variety of different choke-holds including: hands, legs, arms, feet, knee, toes and belt!!! She actually chokes him out a total of five times in this video.

All choking in this film is Real… Nothing is Fake!!!
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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA.