Angry Angel (CFC-DVD-0034)

(Running time: 33 Minutes)

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"Angry Angel"
Angel borrowed money from Mike to fix her car and he as come to collect. She was never going to pay him in the first place. Mike asks her over and over to give him his money back and she continually refuses. Mike makes a deal that if she can prove that she is stronger than him, then she doesn’t owe him anything. She immediately says, "Bring it! I’m not scared of you!"

Angel has been working out and is in optimum shape to take on any challenger. She quickly takes the advantage over Mike and puts him in a number of different choke holds. Her knee is pressed onto his wind pipe and he can’t breathe. He somehow gets her off of his throat.

At one point she has a red belt around his throat with her knee in his back, pulling the belt and cutting off his air supply.

Mike is a crafty negotiator and is able to get out of her perfectly executed holds.

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All choking in this film is Real… Nothing is Fake!!!

Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA

Filmed in San Antonio.

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