Revenge Of Hannah Perez (CFC-DVD-0035)

(Running time: 61 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1203 MB

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Hannah Perez just drove across the USA from the east coast to Texas for a photo shoot with Big Mike. Big Mike forgot that she was scheduled and didn’t have the money to pay her. Hannah Perez gets very annoyed at Big Mike and takes it out on him in a very brutal way. She chokes him with her hands and long beautiful legs in many different positions. A red belt is also used to persuade Big Mike into paying Hannah the $1500 she needs for her travel time and for the photo shoot.

Big Mike keeps trying to negotiate with Hannah but she wants nothing to do with that. At one point, Hannah sits on Big Mike’s throat, choking him with her crotch.

Big Mike tells her that he has the money across the room and Hannah lets him go get it but when he returns, he only has $15. This sends Hannah Perez into another rage and she continues to choke Big Mike into finally submitting to get her the money. Does she actually get paid by Big Mike?

All choking in this film is Real…Nothing is Fake!!!

Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA.