Where Is My Choker (CFC-DVD-0036)

(Running time: 31 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 620 MB

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"Where is My Choker" (Part 1):

Thalia is looking for her choker. Mike offers to give her a choker that belonged to another girl. This will make Thalia very angry and she attacks the throat of Mike with her bare hands. You can hear him trying to breathe. Thalia refuses to release her death grip on the throat of Mike until he agrees to surrender her choker. Will he survive her vicious attack on his throat or will he get choked out? Buy Part 1 of this exciting film to see the Catfight Connection film debut of Thalia "The Mexican Princess".

"Where is My Choker" (Part 2):
Part 2 opens with Thalia "The Mexican Princess" punishing Mike with two hands to the throat. She asks him, "Do you like being choked". She continues by saying, "I love to wrap my hands around your neck." Then she adds, "Watch your face turn fucking red". Thalia is not satisfied with simply choking Mike. She wants to punish him. As scene 2 continues, it becomes evident that Mike has Thalia’s choker but is holding out on her. This infuriates Thalia even more. The film ends with Thalia regaining control and ownership of her lost choker. But you will see after buying the video that she is not done crushing his throat.

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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA.