Backyard Brawl 3 (CFC-DVD-0040)

(Running time: 30 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 595 MB

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"BACKYARD BRAWL 2", is a re visit of Miss Jade and Mister Mike in the backyard. Jade has an idea that Mister Mike has money buried in his backyard. She asks him over and over where it is but he won’t tell her and that gets her very mad.
Next, Miss Jade proceeds punish Mister Mike to try and get him to reveal the location of his money.
The fight continues for 3 rounds until Miss Jade chokes the life out of him. sYou can see that she really is determined to teach him a lesson… Don’t mess with Miss Jade!!!
See all the exciting action in the hot, summer action film, "BACKYARD BRAWL 2". Buy the instant download today!!!