Choke-Out Challenge 3 (KO-DVD-0003)

(Running time: 53 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 1047 MB

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In our third installment of Choke-Out Challenge we feature two lovely Hispanic girls named Angel Lee & Hannah Perez. Both girls are of Puerto Rican descent with a fiery temper. Both girls are experienced fighters who love to fight. This equation adds up to a very exciting & highly competitive contest in which both girls are determined to win at all costs!!! You will see the girls apply a wide variety of vicious and effective choke-holds using legs, arms, hands and feet!!! Lots of taps and points are awarded for choking leading to a Heated & High-Scoring shoot-out!!! Who will win??? Filmed in San Antonio, Texas.All choking is real & authentic… Nothing is fake!!!Who won??? Buy the Download to find out!!!