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Catfight Connection sells female wrestling videos. See real fighting with choking between strong, sexy women. Buy our tough girl fight films on DVD and download. Catfight Connection creates, directs & produces female wrestling videos and other fetish films in our studio located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. We have been producing catfight videos around the world since 1989. You have an opportunity to purchase region free catfight DVD’s & downloads of our vast film library directly from this site. In addition, we are offering exclusive, limited edition signed photos and battle-worn clothing from some of our female fighters.

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Our site will be updated on a regular basis. Please feel free to bookmark our site and share it with all your friends & business associates.

Join the Catfight Club for exclusive discounts on products and members only releases. Contact us if you have a film idea or script you want produced. In addition, we can arrange for you to come to our studio to meet some of our fighters and observe or participate in a production. If you are an attractive female interested in working with our company, please submit bio/photos to our Catfight Application page.


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We have extensive experience in directing film shoots around the world…if you desire our company to come to you, please inquire regarding our travel schedule.