Double Trouble (CFC-DVD-0018)

(Running time: 40 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 787 MB

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Scene 1 opens with Miss Jade is talking to Jenny about going to a strip club when Mister Mike enters the room looking to collect a debt. Both girls do not like it when he demands money from them. They attempt to attack and “Doube-Team” him into submission!!! There are a variety of different choke holds applied during the fight including hands, arms, legs and belt. At one point, Miss Jade tries to shove her fist down his throat!!! You will see Miss Jade show no mercy while Mike tries to tap out. She simply applies more pressure to his throat!!! The opening of Scene 2 shows Mike waking up from getting choked out. Both girls are looking down on him…waiting to choke him out again!!! You can see the anger on their faces while they continue to crush his throat with their bare hands!!!In the end, nothing will stop them from killing him. Will he survive to collect the debt…or, will both girls be able to kick him out leaving him with nothing!!!

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All choking is REAL & AUTHENTIC… Nothing is FAKE!!!