Hot Hands (CFC-DVD-0027)

(Running time: 33 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 663 MB

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"HOT HANDS" features Blondie & Miss Jade in a test of strength. The film opens with Blondie choking Miss Jade with her hands. Then, it is Miss Jade choking Blondie with her hands. Both girls have strong hands!!! They even attempt to choke each other with hands to the throat at the same time!!! You can see the pain on the face of each girl as she is getting her throat squeezed!!! Neither girl is willing to tap out…until it is too late and one of them is CHOKED OUT!!!

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There is a bonus scene at the end of this film in which both Blondie & Miss Jade attack the throat of Mister Mike at the same time!!! Both girls are angry at him for not paying them in full for fighting!!! You will see these pretty girls show no mercy in viciously attacking his throat with hands, arms, elbows and knees!!! They are determined to make him pay…while also making him feel their pain & frustration with the situation!!! How many times can these strong girls make him tap??? Watch this exciting bonus scene to see if he can survive!!!

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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA!!!

All choking in this film is 100% real & authentic…Nothing is fake!!!