Fight Talk – Lethal Legs (FT-DVD-0003)

(Running time: 26 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 479 MB

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"FIGHT TALK" (Lethal Legs) is a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the film, "Lethal Legs" in which Blondie reviews her fight with Miss Jade. You will hear Blondie talk about how she really does not like Jade.

While watching the fight on the big screen in our studio, Blondie tells how it felt to choke Jade with her legs. You will see Blondie smile as she reveals that she really enjoyed choking Jade.

You will hear Blondie discuss her strategy in fighting Jade and how she plans to fight her in the future. Also, she reveals how to apply an effective chokehold with her strong legs and how long it takes her to choke someone out!!!

In the end, Blondie will tell everyone how she tried to escape from Miss Jade’s attempt to choke her to death!!!

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