Choke-Out Challenge 1 (KO-DVD-0001)


(Running time: 45 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 883 MB

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Welcome to the debut of our exciting series of films produced by Catfight Connection entitled, “Choke-Out Challenge” featuring Noelle Silva vs Maricel Romero.The Choke-Out Challenge consists of a series of 5-minute rounds. Each round is devoted to a different style (or method) of choking including: arms, legs, hands and Free-style.Points are awarded for each tap-out. You can only earn a point through choking. The girl with the most points (or tap outs) is the winner. There is an electronic scoreboard to keep track of all the points in the match.

Filmed in Zamboanga City, Philippines…This particular Choke-Out Challenge features two girls from the streets of this dangerous city. Zamboanga City is very poor and it is the un-official home of many Islamic terrorists. The US Embassy in Manila has warned all US citizens NOT to travel to Zamboanga City due to the threat of kidnapping, identity theft and death.

Our first installment of the Choke-Out Challenge is indicative of the dangers inherent in this particular city. Both girls are determined to win at all costs…But, only one girl can win!!!

All choking is real & authentic…Nothing is fake!!!