Choke-Out Challenge 5 (KO-DVD-0005)

(Running time: 42 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 841 MB

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Choke-Out Challenge 5 is a brutal bout between The Queen and Miss Mandy. The Queen shows Miss Mandy just what kind of choke holds she’s got up her sleeve while Miss Mandy displays a few of her own.

Filmed in San Antonio, Texas.All choking is real & authentic… Nothing is fake!!!

The rules of Choke-Out Challenge are simple. There is a series of 5-minute rounds. Each round is devoted to a different style (or method) of choking including: arms, legs, hands and Free-style.Points are awarded for each tap-out. You can only earn a point through choking. The girl with the most points (or tap outs) is the winner. There is an electronic scoreboard to keep track of all the points in the match.

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