Choke-Out Challenge 7 (KO-DVD-0007)

(Running time: 43 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 862 MB

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Choke-Out Challenge 7 is a highly competitive battle between 2 tough girls, Abby and Mandy. Abby has a height advantage at 5’8″ and uses it to her advantage by wrapping her long, strong legs around the throat of Mandy!!! Mandy is a fighter and she is determined to make Abby feel her pain. At one point, you see Mandy stepping on the throat of Abby with her foot!!! This had been an evenly fought fight in which neither girl could gain an advantage until the end. Who won this close contest??? Buy the DVD or download to find out!!!The rules of Choke-Out Challenge are simple. There is a series of 5-minute rounds. Each round is devoted to a different style (or method) of choking including: arms, legs, hands and Free-style.

Points are awarded for each tap-out. You can only earn a point through choking. The girl with the most points (or tap outs) is the winner. There is an electronic scoreboard to keep track of all the points in the match.

Filmed in San Antonio, Texas.

All choking is real & authentic… Nothing is fake!!!

Who won??? Buy the Download to find out!!!