Choke-Out Challenge 9 (KO-DVD-0009)

(Running time: 67 Minutes)

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Choke-Out Challenge 9 features the return of Miss Jade vs Elvira. Miss Jade is undefeated in the Choke-Out Challenge. She is very difficult to choke out. Elvira is wild and crazy. She is confident to defeat Miss Jade and be the first girl to defeat her in Catfight Connection.

This Choke-Out Challenge is a little more demanding than the others because the rounds are 10 minutes long each so stamina for the girls will be important.

In Round 1, Miss Jade has Mister Mike in various sleeper holds to score points. Miss Jade scores several points pretty quickly while Mister Mike tries to defend himself. At one point Miss Jade thrusts her elbow into Mister Mike’s neck. That has got to hurt! Miss Jade also employs a black strap around his neck with her feet to the back of his head to make Mister Mike tap. Miss Jade even gets a point at the final bell of round 1.
Round 2 has Elvira trying to make Mister Mike tap using the same sleeper holds that Miss Jade used. She has a lot of ground to make up because Miss Jade scored well in round 1. Elvira comes out strong and is very determined to beat Miss Jade. She uses the strap to score points and even uses the collar on Mister Mike’s hooded sweat shirt to make him tap. She also uses several seated leg scissors to score points. Mister Mike is taking a pounding and Elvira grunts while using all her strength on him.

Round 3 has Miss Jade giving Mister Mike a series of leg scissors to score points. You can see the muscles in her legs as she applies bone crushing power to his neck making him need to tap over and over again. She forces her heel into his throat for a few points. She barely gives Mister Mike a chance to breathe between points. She sometimes ignores his tap out just to make him suffer longer. She also combines the black strap and Mister Mike’s own hat with these horrific leg scissors. Mister Mike wasn’t ready for this abuse.
Round 4 is Elvira’s turn to give Mister Mike her powerful leg scissors. At the starting bell, she immediately kneels on his throat to score a point. She also knows how to jam her heel into the throats of her opponents to score points. She is having her way with Mister Mike during this round and is really trying hard to beat Miss Jade. Mister Mike tries to escape the relentless attack from Elvira but she’s just too powerful. She sometimes uses Mister Mike’s own arm to pull it and drive her foot into his throat. She also loves bouncing her knee on Mister Mike’s throat to score points. At the end of the round, Miss Jade sarcastically asks Mister Mike if he’s having fun. He nods is head but you can tell he’s been taking a beating. And the points are really increasing for BOTH girls!!!

Round 5 starts with Miss Jade sitting on Mister Mike as she applies various hand choke holds to his throat. Mister Mike tries to defend himself and strangle Miss Jade but that just makes her even more mad as she kneels on his throat and pulls his arm forcing him to tap right away. Miss Jade uses her famous "Pussy Choke" on him and he submits several times. She earns 2 points after bouncing on his throat with the "pussy choke" that leaves Mister Mike struggling to breathe. Once again Miss Jade won’t let him tap. She uses a white strap and her feet to effectively choke points on the board. She also likes placing her foot on her opponent’s throats while they’re down to gain the advantage.

Elvira starts round 6 quite far behind in the points. She starts in on Mister Mike right away and scores a 2 point tap by forcibly crushing his throat with both her hands. She also uses the "Pussy Choke" and is very determined to score a lot of points to match Miss Jade!!! At one moment she practically stands on his throat and presses ALL her body weight on his neck. She is trying so hard that Miss Jade suggests that she give him a second to breathe. She doesn’t. She uses her forearm and elbow to cut off his air supply… grunting and moaning as she expends all her energy on him. She gains points with the white strap as Mister Mike is helpless in her grasp. Elvira really wants to win and barely wastes a second after scoring each point to start the next point. The action is so violent that they both accidentally almost kick Miss Jade in the head while she is sitting on the couch keeping score. After the final bell, she helps Mister Mike up in a gesture of good sportsmanship while Miss Jade asks him if he’s still alive???

The rules of Choke-Out Challenge are simple. Normally there is a series of 5-minute rounds. In this particular competition, there are 10-minute rounds. Each round is devoted to a different style (or method) of choking including: arms, legs and hands with bonus round.

Points are awarded for each tap-out. You can only earn a point through choking. The girl with the most points (or tap outs) is the winner. There is an electronic scoreboard to keep track of all the points in the match.
The winner of this fight will have an opportunity to win extra money in a BONUS ROUND double team match with Mister Mike!!! Both girls are determined to win that extra money. But, only one girl will walk away as the winner of Choke Out Challenge 9. Will it be the undefeated Miss Jade or the angry and aggressive Elvira???

All choking in this film is Real… Nothing is Fake!!!
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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA