Choke-Out Challenge 11 (KO-DVD-0011)

(Running time: 35 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 697 MB

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Choke-Out Challenge 11 features the return of Miss Jade vs Abby. Miss Jade is the most successful girl in the Choke-Out Challenge series. She is very difficult to choke out. Abby is wild and crazy. She is confident to defeat Miss Jade and wants to defeat her in
Catfight Connection.

This is one of the closest and lowest scoring bouts in Choke-Out Challenge history!!! Both girls give it their all and end up scratched and bruised at the end.

The rules of Choke-Out Challenge are simple. There is a series of 5-minute rounds. Each round is devoted to a different style (or method) of choking including: arms, legs, hands and Free-style. All choking is real & authentic… Nothing is fake!!!

Points are awarded for each tap-out. You can only earn a point through choking. The girl with the most points (or tap outs) is the winner. There is an electronic scoreboard to keep track of all the points in the match.

The winner of this fight will have an opportunity to win extra money in a BONUS ROUND match with Mister Mike!!! Both girls are aware of the extra money available. Both girls need the money to survive!!!

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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA.