Tap-Out Challenge 1 (TO-DVD-0001)

(Running time: 20 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 378 MB

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This is the debut of “Tap Out” in which we see how many times a pretty girl can make a big, strong guy tap out within a specific amount of time.

In series 1, it is the lovely Blondie vs Mister Mike. Blondie is a biker bitch with a background in street brawls. You can see from her brightly colored tattoos that she enjoys inflicting pain on people!!!

How much pain can she inflict on Mister Mike? He is betting her $500 that she cannot make him tap more than 50x in one hour!!! Blondie needs money to fix her Harley so she gladly accepts the opportunity.

You will see Blondie apply a variety of different styles of Choke-Holds including hands, legs scissors, sleepers, knees and feet to the throat!!! She even attempts to strangle him with a belt!!! At one point, Blondie says, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I will only make you sleep”.

Will she make him tap 50x??? If so, how long will it take her to do it???

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