Tap-Out Challenge 3 (TO-DVD-0003)

(Running time: 21 Minutes)

HD Download File size: 387 MB

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Tap-Out Challenge 3 is our first girl vs girl in this series!!!
In series 3, the scene is shot in "Catfight Connection" (Pink) Studio and it features Abby and The Queen. You’ve seen The Queen in many of our films and she has shown her fighting abilities in all of them. Abby is more of a new comer to Catfight Connection.
The girls are fighting for $1,000 in prize money so you can bet that the action will be fierce.
The Queen has many choke holds in which to try and score points but Abby’s long legs are very effective as a defensive weapon.

All choking in this film is Real… Nothing is Fake!!!

Which girl will win??? How long will it take her to do it???
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Filmed in San Antonio, Texas, USA